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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Why is total knee replacement surgery done?

Total knee replacement surgery is a procedure done to replace damaged and injured parts of the knee, namely the ends of the thigh bone (femur), shin bone (tibia) and often the underside of the knee cap (patella), with artificial parts.

How is total knee replacement surgery done?

  • An incision is made on the front of the knee to allow access to the knee joint and the muscles and ligaments around the knee are then separated.
  • The surgeon now removes the damaged cartilage and bone. 
  • The femur, tibia and knee cap are shaped using special tools after which artificial parts are cemented into place namely, a metal shell on the end of the femur, a metal and plastic trough on the tibia and if needed a plastic button in the knee cap, which together will restore the alignment and function of the knee. Finally the incision is closed.
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