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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Why is total hip replacement surgery done?

Total hip replacement surgery is a procedure done to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial hip joint or prostheses in order to restore movement. The prosthesis consists of

  • A metal shell with an inner plastic lining that replaces the hip socket (acetabulum)
  • A metal ball that will replace the fractured femoral (thigh bone) head
  • A metal stem that is attached to the shaft of the bone to add stability to the prosthesis

How is a total hip replacement surgery done?

  • An incision is made along the affected hip joint and the muscles and tendons are separated in order to cut and remove the femoral head and cup. 
  • The cartilage is removed from the hip socket where the metal shell is placed while the metal stem is inserted in the aptly shaped and hollowed femur.
  • Both are fixed in place by either screwing or cementing them.
  • Finally the metal ball is attached to the metal stem and the muscles and tendons are replaced against the bone after which the incision is closed.
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