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Squint Correction

Why is squint correction done?

Squint correction is a surgery done to correct the misalignment of eyes due to congenital or acquired conditions. There are many forms of squint such as

  • Esotropia or crossed eyes with one eye turned inwards, towards the nose
  • Exotropia or wall eye/horizontal deviation with one eye turned outside, towards the temple
  • Hypertropia or vertical deviation with one eye turned upward, towards the eyebrow

How is squint correction done?

  • The eye is rotated and the conjunctiva cut open to expose the muscle which is either
  • weakened by recession of muscles – detaching it from the eye and reattaching it further back on the eye with a suture or
  • strengthened by resection – the muscle from the eye is detached, its distal end excised, and then reattached to the eye, with a suture.
  • Either process is repeated for each muscle that is operated on.
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