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Spigelian Hernia Repair

Why is a rare hernia- spigelian, obturator, repair done?

It is a surgical procedure done to repair rare hernias such as spigelian or obturator hernia. Spigelian hernia occurs along the rectus abdominus muscle located to the side of the mid abdomen while obturator hernia occurs mostly in women, where the protrusion is from the pelvic cavity through an opening in the pelvic bone.

How is a rare hernia repair done? 

  • A laparoscope, a tiny telescope with a television camera attached, and other laparoscopic tools are inserted through couple of small incisions in the abdomen.
  • Any scar tissue present is removed and a surgical mesh is inserted into the abdomen.
  • The mesh is fixed under the hernia defect to the strong tissues of the abdominal wall by means of few incisions and sutures.
  • The sutures go through the entire thickness of the abdominal wall and are placed through smaller incisions around the circumference of the mesh.
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