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Ptosis Correction

Why is ptosis correction done?

Ptosis correction is a surgery done to correct ptosis, the drooping of one or both eyelids, occurring due to ageing factors or congenital conditions. The surgery can be either for

  • A single drooping eyelid -unilateral correction or
  • both drooping eyelids – bilateral correction

How is ptosis correction done?

  • An incision is made near the centre of the eyelid and the levator muscle is folded over and tightened to reach the desirable height.
  • The muscle is secured in the position and the incision is sutured.
    If a single eye is being corrected (unilateral) then the height is determined by comparing it with the other, while in the case of both eyelids (bilateral), they are repaired symmetrically.
  • For children with poor levator muscles, the muscles of the brow or forehead may be used to assist in elevation of the upper eyelid.
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