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>Medical records online by 2015!


In the era of high technological advancement, Malaysia is not about to get left behind. This is a digital age where patients travelling beyond borders will have instant access where ever they are, with whatever device at hand. The Malaysian Government recently announced that local patients will have shorter waiting time and faster diagnosis of illnesses as the nation’s healthcare system and medical data of both outpatients and inpatients are computerised. At least 20 government hospitals nationwide will be able to serve patients faster by 2015 when medical records are accessible online. Clink on link below!

Medical records online by 2015

Malaysia Healthcare’s strategy is in line with the aspirations of the government to woo foreign patients to this country and making sure that health information is treated with great confidentiality. Therefore, Malaysia Healthcare’s patients use a Personal Health Record (PHR) called the iPHER to carry all their medical information in a digitized format which will also enable them to have good follow up care with their primary care physician upon return to their home country.

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