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How to Design a Successful Disease Management Program by McKinsey & Co!

Health systems around the world are under increasing strain because of the rising prevalence of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. For more than 15 years, disease-management programs (DMPs) have been promoted as a solution to this problem. By carefully coordinating the delivery of high-quality care to patients with chronic conditions, the programs are supposed to enhance the patients’ health, reduce hospitalization rates and lower treatment costs.

Successful DMPs focus on patients’ needs. The interventions they include are applicable to the vast majority of enrolled patients, as well as simple and easy to implement. The patients are given ongoing, disease-specific coaching to maximize their ability to care for themselves. In addition, the programs include regular physician visits and preventive health checkups so that the patients’ health status and compliance with treatment can be monitored. Because one person is responsible for coordinating each patient’s care, the patients are not subjected to duplicate treatments or other unnecessary inconveniences.

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Mercedes GP Petronas – Formula 1 Grand Prix

The ever popular Petronas Formula 1 Grand Prix 2011 will be from 8 – 10 April in Kuala Lumpur. We are having a special Executive Health Screening package for all those who are attending the upcoming Grand Prix! If you are interested and going to be in Kuala Lumpur; please send us an e-mail to 
Just like the world class Mercedez Petronas GP team led by Michael Schumacher, Malaysia is a world class health and wellness destination! Malaysia Healthcare is proud to support the Mercedez Petronas GP team in 2011! See you all at the Starting Grid!!

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>Malaysia Healthcare’s March Newsletter!


Malaysia Healthcare’s March Newsletter is now available! Click on the link below!

>Medical records online by 2015!


In the era of high technological advancement, Malaysia is not about to get left behind. This is a digital age where patients travelling beyond borders will have instant access where ever they are, with whatever device at hand. The Malaysian Government recently announced that local patients will have shorter waiting time and faster diagnosis of illnesses as the nation’s healthcare system and medical data of both outpatients and inpatients are computerised. At least 20 government hospitals nationwide will be able to serve patients faster by 2015 when medical records are accessible online. Clink on link below!

Medical records online by 2015

Malaysia Healthcare’s strategy is in line with the aspirations of the government to woo foreign patients to this country and making sure that health information is treated with great confidentiality. Therefore, Malaysia Healthcare’s patients use a Personal Health Record (PHR) called the iPHER to carry all their medical information in a digitized format which will also enable them to have good follow up care with their primary care physician upon return to their home country.

>Malaysia Airlines – A World Class Airline!


Malaysia Airlines has one of the best First Class and Business Class cabins and has won numerous awards including the Skytrax awards on a number of occasions. Malaysia Healthcare patients have been using Malaysia Airlines for a number of years  to fly to the country for medical treatment. World Class healthcare facilities with a world class airline together with a world class airport in KLIA, that’s Malaysia!!

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>New device for Coronary Artery Treatment!


The National Heart Institute (IJN)

The National Heart Institute (IJN) has become the first centre in Malaysia and South East Asia to implant a new stenting device, ‘Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold’ (BVS), to revolutionise the treatment of coronary artery disease.

The new technology has a prospect for positive therapeutic outcomes resulting from its unique ability to treat blocked vessel, potentially restore vessel functions and disappear within approximately two years after implantation.

Malaysia’s expertise in treatment of heart diseases is on par with many of the western countries. Its hospitals, including the well-known National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur, have the best that cardiology and cardiac surgery has to offer. Many, having undergone heart treatment in Malaysia in turn recommend our doctors and facilities to their family and friends. Malaysia Healthcare is proud to partner the National Heart Institute, a JCI and MSQH accredited facility. 

Please click the link below to read the full article! 

New IJN device for coronary artery treatment

>Malaysia Healthcare is now on YouTube!

>Malaysia Healthcare joins a growing number of organizations who are having a dedicated video channel to promote and create more awareness of the industry they are in. Our channel includes videos on medical tourism in Malaysia, interviews, news items and general information about Malaysia which is a leading tourist destination.

Over the next couple of  months we will grow our video offering to include the latest developments in the medical tourism arena in Malaysia and around the world. Keep up to date with latest offerings by subscribing to our YouTube channel on .

See you all on the Malaysia Healthcare channel!

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