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>Malaysia featured in the February issue of MWT!


Malaysia was featured as a healthcare destination in the February issue of Medical, Wellness + Tourism (MWT) publication. The article covered the latest developments in medical tourism in the country together with it’s growing importance as a wellness destination. The feature which is covered over 4 pages of the issue gets the insights from the leading players in the medical tourism arena in the country. 
MWT is the first independent business-to-business monthly publication designed to promote and inform on the fast growing industry of medical and wellness tourism. MWT provides accurate and up-to-date news and analysis on the medical and wellness tourism sector, looking at how the industry is developing its product. MWT aims to provide industry participants with the latest information, tools and development news in order to assist its readers in making informed decisions about their businesses and the best recommendations and arrangements for their clients. Further details on MWT can be found on their website .

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>More Singaporeans going to Malaysia for Healthcare! The New Paper, 13 Feb 2011


A growing number of Singaporeans are going across the border to Malaysia to seek medical treatment. Since Mar 1 last year, Singapore residents have been allowed to use their Medisave for elective hospitalisation overseas. The scheme kicked off with 12 hospitals and medical centres in Malaysia run by two Singapore-based private health-care providers – Health Management International (HMI) and Parkway Holdings. HMI and Parkway Holdings said they’ve had more people enquiring about their services in Malaysia. 
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>Commonwealth Report on Medical Tourism!


The Commonwealth Secretariat produced a great report on Medical Tourism in their Health and Welfare section of their annual report to Commonwealth Ministers two years ago. This report is once again gaining attention as a number of Commonwealth countries including Malaysia are experiencing rapid growth in this area.  
Members of the Commonwealth are in an advantageous position when it comes to aligning themselves as medical tourism destinations. Commonwealth nations have existing and well established social, economic and cultural connections with countries that are currently leading source markets for medical tourism such as the UK, Canada and Australia.
The Malaysian government has listed healthcare travel or medical tourism as one of the key areas under the Government Transformation Programme to increase the number of medical tourists. Malaysia Healthcare has been a proud supporter of the programme and is working closely with other agencies to make Malaysia a regional hub for healthcare.

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